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Kitten workshop
October 22nd
This workshop has been postponed.

We will post the new date soon!

We will be starting a list of people that are interested in helping kittens. If you would like to be added to our list for any upcoming events or information please email info@loudouncommunitycats.org

Do you want to help save the lives of Cats?
Did you know that our County shelter has a live release rate of 87%. We think this is fantastic!
You can help to raise that bar even higher by becoming a Kitten Specialist as part of the Loudoun Community Cat Coalition Kitten Team. 

The LCCC is hosting a workshop featuring a presentation by the National Kitten Coalition focused on caring for kittens that are found while doing Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR). Momma Cat will start to teach them to be scared of humans, but with Extra TLC and some tricks we will teach you, you can change their minds and give them a better chance at finding an indoor forever home. This workshop will provide you with valuable information and training including behavioral assessment, socializing kittens, and essential nutrition and medical care for kittens.

Volunteer Spotlight opportunities

Trap, Neuter, Return programs with Loudoun Community Cat Coalition (LC3)

Join our TNR team today:

  • Save community cats & kittens
  • Help people in your community 
  • Discover the beautiful landscape and back roads of Loudoun County
  • ​Meet new friends and go on adventures all while saving lives.

You can help. You can make a difference.

Spay a Stray and make a difference to a baby kitten!

Have faith that people want to help animals & provide the resources that will allow them to do so.

The Coalition, as well as our partner organizations, get calls each week from people like you. You tell us that you want to help a cat and/or kitten that you are caring for or want to start caring for and we listen!

We will work to implement programs that will offer affordable and accessible options for you to care for your community cats.

Implement community outreach programs that will not just offer help, but train more people to help.

We get calls each week from people like you that want to help a community cat and/or kittens.

We will offer workshops to teach and train you to care for these cats. We will show you how to humanely trap for spay/neuter, and how to recognize health symptoms that require medical attention.

Recruit coalition partners that will work together for a collective impact.

We will actively seek and recruit new Coalition partners that value working as a team to save more lives.

We will work to standardize data so that we can evaluate our progress along the way.

Engage our community to help manage the population of community cats.

We will network with, and unite as many individuals, businesses, organizations, and Government agencies as we can in order to provide ongoing positive outcomes for community cats.

We know that it takes working together to accomplish great things!

Our Mission:

"To Unite local and national organizations with our community to save the lives of community cats."​​