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About Us


"Community Cats, Community Effort"


  • Belief in the humane treatment for all animals.
  • It is ok for community cats to live outside with managed care.
  • Solving the community cat problem requires a community effort.
  • Community cats should be afforded the same legal protection as companion pets.
  • Collaboration leads to better decision making and more efficient problem solving.


  • Unity
  • Trust
  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation

our vision

​The Coalition was born in 2014 in answer to the many requests coming in from our community regarding community cats and kittens. 

One rescue alone had spayed/neutered 500 cats the previous year and noticed that the calls from that targeted area had decreased. Obviously, TNR was working, but with the hundreds of calls, the volunteers could not keep up with the requests. The calls were coming in from the community, HOA groups, other rescues needing help with the overflow of kittens, and Loudoun County Animal Services with regards to nuisance complaints & citizens that wanted to help the cats in their neighborhood, or needed help themselves.Everyone wanted and needed a solution.

While discussing the issues surrounding how to keep up with the requests coming in the idea came up to build a Coalition. So many groups in the area were experiencing the same issues with community cats and everyone wanted the same outcome, lives saved and a harmonious existence for these cats and the people living in the communities with them.

A list of key players was made, and the relationships started to build. We started to have meetings & formed a committee where we shared the idea of working together because there always seemed to be a number of components to each situation and one organization could not, and did not have the answers to all of the components. But together, as one, we could come up with better solutions.

More key players were added, and the Coalition Committee voted to make the Coalition a 501c3 non profit of its own in order to take the pressure, the weight of the work, and the draining of resources off of any one organization. 

 We all need help and we all need each other in order to save more lives! From that thought, the Loudoun Community Cat Coalition was formed.

There will be a harmonious and caring relationship between people and community cats and all cats will be able to humanely live out their lives in the environment that best suits the welfare for each particular cat.




our mission

Our History