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LC3 Supporter

"Wall of Fame"

This wall is for Loudoun Community Cat Coalition supporters.

We appreciate everything you do and your compassion for community cats and kittens.

Show your support and lets show our community that we stand united for animal welfare. 

Pick a square - any square! Share a pic of your beautiful pet, business logo, artwork, or whatever you want the world to see!

(please make sure it is suitable for eyes of all ages. No political, religious, or disrespectful messages will be allowed on the wall)


1. Click on a square to make your tax-deductible donation. (Squares have different values so hover over them to find the one you want)

2. Upload your image! 

3. Add a link.

Square ideas:

1. Memorialize a loved one who has passed on, or celebrate and share the joy you have with your furry friends with all of us who adore them!

2. Share an image of your logo and drive business to your website. 

What details can a supporter share?
This can be the supporter's personal icon, a company logo, or any image that doesn't violate any copyright laws. Do not upload any image that you don't have the rights to. If you don't have an image, simply leave this blank and an 'anonymous' image will be placed in the square for you.
Name or Title
This can be th
e supporter's name, or the name of their business, or any short message. This is displayed when someone hovers over your square. Leave it blank to donate anonymously.
This is the link that will be associated with your square. When someone clicks on your square they'll be visiting your site.
Email address
Although you don't have to share your email address, it is highly recommended that you do. This is how we give you access to change details of the square you purchased or any other updates that might take place with the wall you supported.

Be good! Don't post anything that could be seen as harmful, threatening or obscene. 

Every square purchased helps a community cat get fixed, helps a cat in need get medical treatment, and helps a kitten learn to overcome its fear of humans so it can be adopted into a forever home!