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FIX ME NOW is for community cats that need to be seen now, and can't wait until the next mass clinic due to injury, illness, or if there is only one or two cats at a colony that need to be fixed.

Program policy & procedure:

  • Participating Veterinary hospitals will accept Coalition authorized appointments for community cats on a weekly basis. Donations are accepted to help us continue the program to be able to help all cats in need.
  • If you have a community cat, or cats, that need to be fixed fill out the TNR request form HERE and a volunteer will call you.
  • Depending on the situation, and the cats welfare, the volunteer will make the decision as to which program your appointment will be scheduled under. If your cats can wait for the next scheduled mass TNR clinic (FIX ME) you will be given instructions.
  • If there is no scheduled clinic within the month you will be given an appointment at a local participating Veterinary hospital.
  • The Volunteer will discuss: whether you will be doing the trapping yourself or need help from a Coalition volunteer humane trapper, if you need to borrow a trap (refundable deposit & photo ID required), transportation to the clinic, recovery instructions, and fee.
  • There will be times that the Coalition has grant or donation funds to help subsidize the cost of the community cat care package at the hospital. These funds will not always be available but the community cat care package is offered at a discount and we appreciate the Veterinary hospitals that participate.

Participating Veterinary Hospitals:

Towne Animal Clinic

Anicira Veterinary Center

Aldie Veterinary Hospital

These Vets are giving back to their community in order to save the lives of cats and kittens!