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Thelma & Louise (my first feral rescues who found their "forever home" with me in 2008). The donation is made in their honor. - Thanks, LL

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Please note that the donation is for "Spay a Stray".

In Memory of Abiga/Abby Pinkney, my late grandma's lil' baby and my friend.
 - Joseph Kelly

Email a picture of your pet and we will feature them on this page! 
Send picture to info@loudouncommunitycats.org

In honor of our Chang, a kitten I rescued. You all helped spay/neuter two cats that were Chang's parents 

- Christina

Spay a Stray Sponsors

Thank you!!

In Memory of Buster Johnson. 

Thank you to everyone who is a Sponsor to Spay a Stray!

These funds will be used for our TNR programs that are focused on the management of community cats. The Spay and neuter of these cats saves thousands of lives. 

Sponsor to Spay a Stray

When you make a $50.00 donation to LCCC you make it possible for a cat to receive:


Parasite Treatment

Distemper Vaccine

Rabies Vaccine

Ear tip



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Spay a Stray!