Donate today and save the lives of community cats!


    We worked closely with our partner veterinarians to negotiate a comprehensive TNR package that will provide quality care for community cats in Loudoun County.

    Your generous donation will allow us to provide the following services to each community cat that we help through our programs:

    • Spay/neuter
    • Rabies and distemper vaccinations
    • Parasite treatment
    • Ear tip
    • Microchip
    • Any needed antibiotics
    • Medical attention for any injury or illness

    Become a recurring donor

    When you commit to making a monthly (or quarterly) gift, you help us save more cats because we know we have a dependable, steady source of funds to fuel our important work protecting and improving the lives of community cats.

    What a mess we have had on our property. Stray cats keep showing up for food and shelter in the barn on our property and of course this leads to more kittens being born. The Loudoun Community Cat Coalition is a wonderful organization that is helping us to spay/neuter these feral cats so they will have a better life as a feral cat. They taught us how to safely trap the cats and keep them comfortable before and after the surgery. We have had at least 60+ cats spayed/neutered with this program. This would not have been possible without their help. Thanks to all the volunteers involved in this are all wonderful!!
    — Julie (Purcellville, VA)

    If you are not comfortable making your donation online, you may mail it to us at:

    Loudoun Community Cat Coalition

    P.O. Box 1960

    Leesburg, VA 20177

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