Kitten Rescue Team Member

The Kitten Rescue Team is comprised of trained volunteers that temporarily foster young kittens that have been found during our TNR efforts. Members are required to go through training offered by the Coalition and must be pre-approved as a foster with our partner rescues as well as Loudoun County Animal Services. This helps to expedite removing the kittens from the field to ensure their safety and to decrease the colony population.

This program is in partnership with the SPCA of NOVA, Loudoun County Animal Services, the Humane Society of Loudoun County, and Lost Dog & Cat Rescue.

Time commitment: 

  • 10-14 days per kitten/litter, appropriate care as needed


  • Must be over 18 years old and be responsible, and reliable. Parents can work with children as family fosters.
  • Must have a room where you can isolate and quarantine the kittens.
  • Must have reliable transportation in case of medical emergency.


  • Workshops and webinars on kitten care and socialization.


  • All other animals in house must be cat friendly.
  • Kittens must never leave your house until Coalition-approved intake rescue or shelter takes them from you.
  • Do not have kittens from different locations in your house at same time.
  • Do not medicate kittens unless directed to do so by Coalition approved intake rescue.
  • Any adoption questions or inquiries should go through the intake rescue or shelter.
  • Report any illness or injury immediately to the intake rescue or shelter.

Job Description/Responsibilities:

  • Provide temporary housing for kittens age 8 weeks and under. Neonatal kittens will be given to the team members trained to care for them.
  • Provide feedings on age appropriate timeline.
  • Provide medication as needed and directed by intake rescue or shelter.
  • Provide bedding, safe inside housing.
  • Work on socializing the kittens daily. The time they spend with you is extremely important to their socialization and therefore adoption level.
  • Utilize Coalition kitten team mentors as needed.

Interested in this volunteer position? Please fill out the interest form and we'll get back to you with more details.