Thomas Bove - Bio

Director, Loudoun Community Cat Coalition

President, Proactive Engineering Solutions
My wife and I inherited two cats from her grandmother, and I have been a cat-lover ever since. The cats came
from a farm in the West Virginia panhandle; Sam lived indoors, and Snowball was a friendly barn cat. Within a
week of moving in with us Snowball selected me as his best friend, and so began my loving relationship with cats.
When Sam and Snowball passed on in 2005, we adopted 2 kittens from “Julia” Roberts (the mother cat’s name!),
and recently added 3 more rescue cats to the family.

I performed my first rescue in 2009 when I came across an abandoned pet cat on the family farm in the dead of
winter. She was severely underweight and very appreciative to get some food. I named her Charli because she got
the golden ticket - a ride home to Virginia for a vet checkup, medical treatment, vaccinations, and a new life. She
was about 1 year old, weighed just over 4 lbs, had worms, and unfortunately she tested positive for FeLV so we
could not keep her as we had the other cats in the house. My father-in-law agreed to adopt her and we took her on
a road trip to Florida where Queen Charli lived a life of luxury until she passed in 2014.

The rescue experience was so rewarding we signed up as fosters to help more cats in need, and we began fostering
and socializing feral kittens found during TNR activities. As a Director for the Loudoun Community Cat
Coalition I hope to improve the quality of life for community cats while reducing the population over time
through natural attrition by providing community outreach and education, TNR resources. and affordable access
to medical treatment for caretakers in Loudoun County and surrounding areas.


Thomas is self employed as the President/Owner of Proactive Engineering Solutions, an Engineering consulting
company, and as the President/Owner of Lost Corner Gun Services, a sporting goods/firearms business. He has
been a volunteer for Keep Loudoun Beautiful since 2003, a foster and volunteer for the Humane Society of
Loudoun County since 2013, and is on the Board of Directors for the Loudoun Community Cat Coalition.
Prior to this Mr. Bove was the Executive Vice President of the Command and Control Systems Group of Sphere
of Influence Inc., responsible for software engineering and technology development, and the management of
technology professionals providing software architecture analysis and development, application development,
innovation, design, and mission software integration.

Mr. Bove’s previous employment was as the Vice President of the Mission Integrated Solutions Division of
QinetiQ North America, where he was responsible for 2 office/lab facilities and a total workforce of over 250
people on 21 contracts, 11 subcontractors, and an administrative staff of 26 people delivering annual revenue of
approximately $135M.

Mr. Bove has over 27 years experience working as a Contractor in the Intelligence Community. He started his
career as a Network Engineer designing, developing, installing and operating secure video-teleconferencing and
networking equipment in support of the Naval Intelligence Command. During that time he also operated his own
company building personal computers and training users. Mr. Bove spent the next ten years as a Systems
Engineer for MRJ, Inc. (acquired by Veridian Systems in 1999, and General Dynamics in 2001) supporting
several government agencies. Mr. Bove was responsible for providing communication systems analysis, design,
and integration for both domestic and international systems. He led software development, integration, and
command center operations for a highly complex robotic system with direct oversight of five subcontractors for
over 18 months.

Mr. Bove earned Bachelor’s of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics from Carnegie-Mellon
University, and a Masters degree in Systems Engineering and Management from George Washington University.